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A lot of people work hard in their business, but in today's competitive business world, you have to work hard on your business as well.

Where do you start to transform your business from mediocre to great?  One of the best ways you can transform your business is by upgrading your website.  If your website is not a functioning system that is digitizing your brand, building customer relationships and working as a powerful marketing tool, it’s time for an upgrade. 

Most business websites are not ready for a mobile world, nor have been designed with ROI in mind. Don’t let your business be part of the massive disconnect between you and your customers due to poorly designed, under-performing websites.  

I have recently upgraded Plus One Manufacturing, Inc. website and the difference is night and day.  Their old website was not user friendly and your customers bad online experience negatively affects your bottom line.  These statistics prove it:
  • Over 75% of web users decide whether to do business or not with a company based on how its online presence looks.
  • 90% of customers go to a company’s website first, before calling or emailing.
  • 48% of people feel frustrated if a company doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website, and 52% are less likely to engage with companies that have no mobile presence at all, according to Google.
  • 80% of consumers say they are more likely to consider products and services from brands they follow on social media, it is clear you have to make social media a key component of your website.
Plus One Manufacturing, Inc. old website.
Agri-Marketing Solutions can help you get the most from your company’s web investment and transform your current website into a real powerhouse that helps you expand profitability, achieve organizational objectives and boost your marketing and sales efforts for the mobile world. 

We can help you:
  • Aligning your online presence to your business goals.
  • Design a responsive website that will ensure that your company’s information displays correctly no matter the device it’s viewed on with a fluid design, easy navigation structure, search and filtering options for larger sites.
  • Develop a website that will grow with you, allowing you to incorporate the technologies you need, when you need them without having to start from scratch every time you want to add something new.
  • Assist you with a social media marketing plan and integrate social media on your website for user interaction.
  • Develop a custom design to fit the personality of your brand.
  • Enhanced the visual imagery of your website with good quality pictures and illustrations, giving your site a complete hi-end look.  
  • Showcase your products to meet your client’s expectations.
Plus One Manufacturing, Inc. new website.


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