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This week here at the ranch we started to brand some small groups of calves.  We are still planting corn in between the spring showers.  The horses made a trip to see the farrier.


08/11/2016 5:29am

You have some very nice animals in your farm and i am happy to see that all of these animals are very healthy. That cat is really looking very cute and don't miss to tag your cows like other farmers.

12/27/2016 10:02pm

Yes, those calves are indeed healthy. Branding them while they are young is a good technique. It'll heal the wound faster and they are easily branded because they're still small. Looking at the brown calf, he looks clean, as well as the walls and the hay. By the way, what can that device do? Is it to monitor the temperature? Everything is organized and neat. A really good farm. Thanks for sharing what your farm looks like to us.

01/06/2017 2:31pm

I agree with you that they look healthy. I don’t have any background about branding or farming. I even don’t know anything about agriculture marketing. I just like to go to places where you’ll meet fresh air and a timid life. Seeing your farm and farm animals is a delight. It makes me want to go there and see or feel for myself. I wonder what I’ll learn in a farm land.

Your calves and other animals look so healthy. I bet you will earn good sales if you just have the right marketing strategies. Are you going to move your animals from the farm to sell it to the customers? That's indeed a form of Agricultural Marketing. I suggest you raise more animals such as pigs, chicken, etc. You know, those animals that are more marketable and in demand will bring you higher sales. Good luck to your Agri-Marketing business!

05/16/2017 3:36am

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09/10/2016 1:28am

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05/17/2017 4:39am

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01/04/2017 7:10am

The cows aren't so happy according their faces. But still thanks for a quick look to your life.

01/22/2017 9:08am

05/18/2017 3:45am

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05/19/2017 3:40am

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05/25/2017 2:13am

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05/26/2017 3:24am

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05/30/2017 2:08am

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05/31/2017 3:14am

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06/01/2017 1:14am

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06/12/2017 3:37am

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11/08/2017 7:58am

11/25/2017 2:42pm

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