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A wise rancher once told me, “A lot of people work hard in their business, but you have to work hard on your business as well.”

Working with clients recently, I’ve found that many farms, ranches or agri-businesses don’t have clear goals when they hire me, which makes my job much harder.  So I’ve decided to write this next blog series on goal setting for your business and life.

Without goals, your life will unfold by default. Your default will be to continue to experience the same old patterns and to allow the outside world—your family, friends and society—to influence your life path. Your business goals are the same and will only be effective if you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, and how.

By not setting goals and allowing yourself to go for your vision, you give away your power. 

This blog series is designed to give you all the tools you need to set goals for yourself that inspire you and make your business fulfilling, to plan for success, and to follow through.  There is a series of worksheet exercises and activities that will be sent to you if you sign up for this blog at

Most of all, I hope it will help you know how to live life to the fullest and enjoy the journey. Achieving life goals isn’t about the achievement of the goal—getting there—it’s about the experience of reaching for the dream and becoming a better person along the way. 

This blog series will be organized into four sections, based on the 4 steps required for goal success, but may extend beyond four blog posts. 

4 Steps to Goal Success 
1- Decide What You Really Want 
When you ask most people what their goals are or what they want out of life, they often cannot answer. And when they do, the goals they say are often what others have influenced them to want. This course will help you determine what YOU really want out of life and for your business and how to make your goals achievable and inspirational. 

2- Believe You Can Achieve It 
Many people hold themselves back from the goals they really want because they believe they cannot have their true desires. Often people don’t reach their goals, or even try, out of fear of change or failure. Through this blog series, we will help you find evidence from your own life that you can believe in yourself and give you the confidence to know that you have everything you need to be successful. Anything you want is possible for you. 

3- Create a Concrete Plan for Success 
Even the most strongly desired goal cannot be achieved without a solid, actionable plan. Often, people get discouraged when goals are not reached or attempts lead to failure. This is most often because the goal wasn’t well thought through and an effective plan wasn’t made. This blog series will offer detailed, yet simple, strategies for planning a route toward your goal, while keeping you motivated and on track. 

4- Stay Committed and Motivated 
Even the best plan is ineffective if the person following it isn’t motivated. And, unfortunately, most people leave motivation to chance—waiting until the moment that they need to feel motivated and finding it’s not there. This blog series will help you prepare your mind state in advance so that your true desire and a big reason for reaching for your goals are strong enough to pull you through those times when doubt, discouragement or procrastination threaten to zap your motivation.

Identifying Your Goals 
Knowing what your goals are can be more challenging than you may think. Maybe this is why so many people don’t set them. You may have heard that most people don’t keep their New Years’ Resolutions, but did you know that most people don’t even make one? Less than half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. So, imagine how few people make goals the rest of the year, not many! A University of Scranton study found that, people who explicitly set goals are ten times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t. 

A Staples National Small Business Survey found that more than 80 percent of the 300 small business owners surveyed said that they don't keep track of their business goals.  It also found that 77 percent have yet to achieve their vision for their business. 

Clearly only by establishing your goals will they be more achievable and effective.

The first step to achieving your goal is knowing what it is—so, what is your goal? What do you want out of life? What are your TRUE desires? I emphasize the word “true” because very often people’s goals are not their own, meaning they think they want what they want because they have been influenced by others. (You may also be interested in reading my other blog on this subject - Riding Into Your True Self)

Get Other People Out of Your Head 
Ask yourself, who do you allow to direct your life? Do you do what your parents or friends think you should do? Do you desire things because you saw them on TV? Do you limit yourself to what others will approve of? When’s the last time you asked yourself what YOU really want? If you are going to have any chance of accomplishing the goals you set for yourself, they absolutely MUST be YOURS. If you don’t even really want it, how do you expect to follow through when times get tough or the motivation’s not there? 

How Does It Feel? 
The most important thing to determine about your goal is how it makes you feel. Do you feel empowered by it or resistant? Does it feel exciting or burdensome? 

The reason this question matters so much is because if you really think about it everything that you have or will ever want in your life, everything, is because of the way you believe it will make you feel. Any goal or desire you have, don’t you want it because you believe you’ll feel better in the having of it? It will bring fulfillment, satisfaction, relief, pride, fun, a sense of accomplishment, freedom, joy? 

So, what is it for you? How do you want to feel? Sometimes considering this question helps you clarify that perhaps your goal isn’t what you thought. Or maybe it just isn’t specific enough. Perhaps there is more than one way to get what you want, which is to feel a certain way. 

Goal Setting 
So, now that you’ve considered the important questions regarding whether your goals are truly yours and the feeling behind the desire, it’s time to get your goals down on paper.   Writing your goals on paper is absolutely key. Not only do you then have a concrete object to return to in order to remind yourself of your goals and remain focused, you’ll also be sending a message to your unconscious mind that you mean business. 

It may be that you are entering into this process with a clearly defined goal already in mind. Or perhaps you’re only certainty is that you want to have goals and you need help identifying them.  But first, you want to make sure you are totally certain why you want to achieve these goals and are fully confident that you can achieve them.

Having a Big Enough Reason 
Right away it is important to get you to start thinking about what deeper motives are behind your goals. In order to succeed in life and achieve your goals, you need to know why you want what you want. And not only that, you have to have a big enough reason. If you're not motivated or haven’t followed through in the past, it may be because you need to DREAM BIGGER! You want your goals not to be just something you'd “like” to do... it's not a preference... it's not even a dream... it's a MUST! 

Always Ask the Greater Question 
I’m asking you to dig deep and make sure you have a true understanding of the real reasons you want to reach your goals. You’re not looking for the obvious or surface level reasons; push yourself to go deep!  Ask yourself why do you really want a particular goal?

Your Greater Purpose 
Your desires or goals are what you want; your purpose is why you want it. Some people feel purpose means that they have one ultimate, specific purpose, while others believe purpose means doing things for a greater cause or simply feeling passionate about what they’re doing. In either case, having a greater purpose behind what you’re doing will infuse everything you do with meaning. You find yourself getting excited, heated, or inspired when you think or talk about it. 

So, what ads purpose to your life? Perhaps you have a certain political, social, or religious belief that you care deeply about, or maybe you have a particular pastime or hobby that you do in which you find yourself in flow. There are also areas of your life that you may place a high value on, such as family, health, leisure, adventure, stability, or any other desire or need. Any of these things can be the greater purpose, the greater motivation behind what you do.

Achieving success can be challenging. It is your purpose and passion that will keep you motivated when you encounter fear or other obstacles that may get in your way. Having a greater purpose helps you commit to what you're doing, but it can’t just be because you want it, it has to be that you cannot have it any other way. That is what will get you through those moments when you face fear of what the economy’s doing or the environment around you or when you feel like the people in your life are standing in your way. Then it won't matter what’s happening around you, one way or another you’re going to get creative and you’re going to find a way to have the life that you want. 

Creating a Vision 
After looking at the greater purpose behind your goals, take some time to see and feel yourself living your dream. In the vision worksheet there is a short activity where you can take what you've put together and write a vision statement that really captures and helps you visualize the end goal you have motivating what you are doing. 

By setting your goals, you are ten times more likely to achieve them and you are well on your way to successfully achieving them!  Next week we will discuss believing you can achieve your goals.

Now it’s your turn did you find this post and the worksheets helpful?  What are your big goals?  Sharing your goals can inspire others!

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“The future isn’t a far-off point, instead it arrives in daily doses that must be noticed and understood.”
~ Unknown


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