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Last week we discussed how to develop an awesome social media strategy for video.  As with all marketing it’s important for us to know if our efforts are worthwhile, or if we are beating our heads against a wall.  When it comes to video, what does "success" really mean? And what statistics should you be keeping tabs on to determine the performance of a video?

Beyond the number of views your video receives there's actually a lot more to be considered. Getting 50k views is great, but what did it really do for your business?  We will discuss several statistics that will help you find the true value of video marketing. 

Each social media platform can give you several pieces of valuable analytical information.  They can tell you how many people your video reached, how many views, and how your video rated among other types of posts.  This information is valuable in determining if your video is the right content for you audience.  You can also compare which video topics your audience likes best by looking at the engagement of your video.

Video Views
Obviously this is a pretty straight forward explanation here - video views are the number of people that click play.

Why It Matters
If you have a video on your website that contains an amazing message, but no one actually clicks play, no one will know that your business is super awesome. 

How to Improve Your Video Views on Your Website
There are several placement considerations of your video on your website including thumbnail selection, size, and where the video is placed that can affect your play rate. Experiment with different variations.  As a general rule of thumb, always use thumbnails with human beings in the picture, 400 pixels x 600 pixels is the ideal size of videos without overwhelming your web page, and placement of the video closer to the top of the page will help increase views.  You may also need to improve your video title or description.

Across all of your social media platforms, you will want to measure views over time, to help you determine the lifetime of your videos.  You may find that videos need to be refreshed every few weeks or months to stay relevant to your audience.

Audience Retention and Repeat Views
Do viewers watch all of your video, or do they leave before watching it in it’s entirety?  What percent of your video was actually watched?

Why It Matters
Research has shown that viewers who watched a video in it’s entirety are more likely to purchase the product featured in the video, and the higher the number of repeat views, the more engaged your video viewers are.  This makes audience retention and repeat views actually more important than video views.

How to Improve Audience Retention
There are several reasons why your visitors might not be watching the entirety of your video. First try making your video shorter.  Watch your video and see what’s going on in the video when most people stop watching it.

Also by paying attention to which portions of the video were re-watched, tells you which sections of the video are most interesting to potential clients.  People who re-watch your video are that much closer to being your next client.

Engagement Rate
Engagement rate tells you how interested your audience is in your company, message, as well as, how compelling your video is. To calculate take the number of views, and divide it by the total reach of your video.  Also break down your total engagement by likes, comments, and shares, to get a clear view of what works well for video content and what doesn’t.  Which will be valuable in helping you determine future video marketing strategies.

Why It Matters
Think about the last time you made a big purchase.  Did you do any research about the product before purchasing?
Did you read online reviews, or ask your friends, and co-workers.

When making a purchasing decision, 92% of consumers value recommendations from friends and family, over all other forms of advertising.  

Social media shares serve as the equivalent to a recommendation. Each time your video is shared, you've gotten a positive endorsement for your brand or product. 

How to Improve Video Social Sharing
Make sure your video is sharable by ensuring that the social share buttons are highly visible and easily accessible.  Also, don’t forget to ask your friends and fans to share your video if they find it valuable.  Use hashtags (which will be our topic of discussion next week) to reach a larger audience.  In your post or in your video, prompt viewers with a discussion question.

See Agri-Marketing Solutions previous blog post on creating engagement.

Conversion Rate
Whether it's subscribing to your video updates, liking or following your social media page, or calling your business to get more information, conversion rate refers to the percentage of people that follow through on your videos intended action. 

Why It Matters
Conversion rates are what drives real business. 

To prove the effectiveness of your video, it's important to keep track of the number of leads each video generates. With this information, you'll can tailor your future video format or content to help drive sales.

How to Improve Conversion Rate
Make sure you are including a clear and compelling call to action at the end of your video!  Make sure that your call to action is relevant to your video.  For example, if your video is about your stallion, maybe offer a discounted stud fee for those who follow the link from your video to your website.  Keep it simple, get to the point quickly, and use action verbs in your call to action like - start, stop, build, join, learn and discover.

Using video as part of your marketing strategy is not a one time, done deal.  As with all of your marketing efforts it is something to consistently measure and iterating on your ideas, formats, and promotional efforts, in order to get the most out of your campaigns.

We would love to hear how you measure your marketing efforts!  What have you found to be the most effective methods in measuring your marketing success?


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